The Ancient Spanish Monastery Museum & Gardens Visit – Blog #4 of 4

The Ancient Spanish Monastery Museum & Gardens Visit

Pope’s Cabinet 
This hand-carved walnut cabinet was used by Pope Urban VII (1644-1652) to store his personal clothing. It is decorated with the Papal Seal and the Bernini Family crest (three honeybees and the sun).

Family Confessional
The confessional dates from the mid-1800’s and bears a royal coat of arms. 


The Spanish Hearse IMG_3738

Over 800 years old, this large hymnarium (a hymnal or collection of hymns) was hand-painted on lambskin parchment. Juices of berries were used as ink. Manuscripts are among the most common items to survive from the Middle Ages and are also the best surviving specimens of medieval painting.


Ortega Cabinet IMG_3740

Prussian Armor
Part of William Randolph Hearst’s collection, this Prussian armor from the late 1600’s is made in the style of the Knights Templar. IMG_3741Website:
Location: North Miami Beach

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